Fine Finishing

Finishes and Coating

MARS of Boise provides the latest in paint protection and enhancement. 

 We use the latest state of the art equipment, polishes and coatings to achieve long lasting beauty to any vehicle.. Ceramic coatings are the 21st century answer to vehicle maintenance


Paint Correction

Many cars, even new ones form the factory have paint defects ranging from "orange peel" to scratches and unevenness. Paint correction with a professional polishing machine can repair or reduce many of these defects. 



  1. Extreme deep gloss
  2. Water repelling hydrophobic properties
  3. Self cleaning.
  4. Long lasting durability



 With the right combination of machine, pad, polish, and technique, even the most neglected finish can be turned  into. a polished jewel. Check out the Gallery for examples of old and new. 


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