Headlight restoration

M.A.R.S. of Boise  performs Headlight restoratin an almost all headlights.

What causes Headights to get cloudy ?

Headlight are made poly carbonate plastic that is very impact resistant, but UV sensitive.  The factory coats headlights with a UV protectorate to prevent fading.  Over time and with wear, weather and  road chemicals the coating breaks down.

Is it dangerous?

Cloudy headlights can reduce visibility by as much as 80% making it very difficult to see and be seen. Even slightly cloudy headlights diffuse the light instead of projecting it down the road.

Can They be restored?

Most headlights can be restored to near new condition with the proper tools and techniques. Inexpensive kits do not provide enough material to do a proper job and only last a short time.  "Home Remedies" can actually shorten the life of the headlights by not providing the right sealer.

Why is MARS restoration better?

MARS service removes the old coating, polishes and applies a high quality, factory equivalent UV coating.. MARS Guarantees our restoration for two years.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! New headlights can cost $100-$600 or more.  Even aftermarket units can be expensive and not meet OEM standard for fit and function.